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Hi, I'm Tom Bushell (Sports Travel Tom) your sports travel expert. I'm here to help you plan a brilliant sports travel trip, explore our world through sport & adventure and find the tickets you are searching for. 

Have you ever missed out on a great sporting event because you didn't realise the ticket ballot was closing? Have you traveled to a destination and wanted to get to a sporting event? Need a resource to plan a great summer following your team through a major tournament? Or perhaps you just want to be inspired on how to start ticking off those bucket list sporting events?


I am here to be your guiding resource on everything sports travel related from ticket sales, ticket deals, destination guides and more.  

I have travelled the world extensively in my career as a sports journalist working for the likes of CNN, TNT Sports and Sport 24 and continue to explore the world for As much as I love reporting on what is happening on the field or court of play, my real passion lies in discovering a new destination through its sporting highlights. There is nothing better than being at one of the world's biggest sporting events, or really getting to the feel of a destination through it's sporting events, culture and heritage. 

Through my travels, I document everything I experience here on so that you can follow in my footsteps and discover our world through sport & adventure with the best resources and knowledge possible. 

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